Bettencourt Family Law & Mediation is committed to providing high-quality, flexible legal services at an affordable price.  Based on this commitment, low retainers and flat fee arrangements are available for certain case types and services.  

Please see below for more information about fee arrangements and the different service types available. 




Standard Hourly Rate: Contact us for more information about our standard hourly rate

Flat Fees: A flat fee is a set amount that is paid for legal services. Flat fees are a great option for clients on a budget as they allow the client to know how much the service will cost.

Flat fees are not available for every case and service type. Schedule a consultation to find out whether a flat fee will work for you and your particular case, as costs and availability depend upon the service type and the particulars of the case.


Unbundled Services


Document Review

Document review involves attorney review of particular documents and moving papers that you have prepared yourself or that have been prepared by the opposing party. An attorney will review your documents and suggest changes or edits. With the document review service, the attorney does not draft or prepare documents for you. 



Consulting services include attorney advice and strategic planning. Consulting is an especially helpful service for those who only want guidance with certain parts of their case and feel comfortable preparing the documents themselves.

document prep.jpg

Document Preparation

Document preparation service includes attorney preparation of documents and forms related to certain parts of a case, while the client remains self-represented.  



Mediation is a voluntary, collaborative, and confidential process that gives control to the people going through the dispute. Through mediation, the parties can reach an agreement and have a say in the outcome. Mediation often saves time, money, and good will.

We provide flexible mediation services which can include everything from preparing the initial petition for dissolution and mediating the dispute to preparing the judgment paperwork and drafting the Marital Settlement Agreement.

For qualifying individuals, we offer flat fee mediation services. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about mediation and to see if you qualify for a flat fee service, as we consider several different factors.